Leg Pain Therapy in La Canada Flintridge

Are you experiencing some pain in your legs? Leg pains are common conditions that may be caused by natural wear and tear, or overstretched muscles, injury, or an underlying condition. Some people may suffer from the pain for days, weeks, or months, depending upon the cause and severity. The pain may be classified as mild, moderate, or severe, and can be felt in one leg or in both. You may feel some discomfort while you are active or while you are lying down depending on the cause of your leg pain.

When you feel mild or severe pain in the leg, calf, thigh, or lower back, there are courses of action you can do to help alleviate your discomfort. Leg pain can emanate in the bones, connective tissues, blood vessels, nerves, or even skin. If you have chronic or persistent leg pain, it may affect the quality of your life.

Typically, leg pain is due to inflammation or swelling of soft tissues. Its swelling may be a sign of an injury or illness. Leg pain can result in a number of health conditions or injuries. The first step in relieving leg pain is to get a medical diagnosis of the cause of the pain. Depending on your diagnosis, you and your doctor can decide your best possible treatment plan.

La Canada Flintridge, our leg pain therapy experts can help diagnose your leg pain. We provide a range of therapy plans to manage your pain. Our aim is to get you back in shape and do your regular activities. Contact us immediately to set up an appointment with one of our leg pain therapists.

What can be the causes of that throbbing pain in your legs? It always depends on the underlying conditions that trigger your symptoms. Severe or chronic leg pains can be due to a number of common health conditions, such as:

  • intense exercise or overuse
  • blood clot
  • injury
  • muscle, ligament or tendon strains
  • skeletal structure irregularities
  • arthritis
  • poor circulation or cardiac disorders
  • nerve damage
  • osteoporosis
  • other underlying conditions

You consider home treatment such as increasing your water intake to reduce leg pains. Stretching and massage can also make a big difference. You may also try applying heating or cold packs, getting warm showers, and relaxing your legs on your chair. Make sure to wear shoes that support the arch in your foot and are easy to wear. You should also raise your leg when you sit or lie down.

Physical therapy can involve exercises, losing weight when necessary, heat and cold compress, electrical nerve stimulation. Some alternative treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and massage.

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Then the therapist will continue with the tailored massage while using their specific technique to alleviate any type of discomfort or pain that you presented. During your massage we apply the pressure we think necessary for what you are presenting. If at any time during the massage you feel discomfort please let the therapist know so they can adjust the pressure. Our goal is to have you leave with the best massage that you have ever had while alleviating the pain and discomfort that you have. You should never leave a massage facility feeling sore or in more pain than you came in with. If you are slightly sore that will be from a deep tissue or from addressing a specific body area that does need work. Book with us so we can get you on the road to recovery without having to take medication or go pay an expensive medical bill.

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