In Home Massage Therapy in Pasadena

In home massage therapy Pasadena is known for its high-quality massages. We offer the best medical massage out there. Our team members at our locations in Pasadena and Malibu are held to the highest expectations not only by us but by our clients. Our team recognizes that maintain the highest standards enhances their messages

In home massages can be accommodated to be anywhere just as long it is a safe space for the client and the therapist. In the past, we have had many clients ask if they can have their massage outside. Our answer to that is yes! As long as the client is comfortable with having the massage outside of their home it is no problem with us.

Once you place the call for us to go out to your home the therapist will make sure that they take everything that they will need in order to provide the massage this includes:

  • Massage Table
  • Medically Clean Sheets
  • Lotion and/or Oil
  • Quanta Balm (upon request)

Also, when booking your massage please let us know about the parking instructions. If the massage therapist has to park in an area where it is required to pay for the parking time.

This charge if not validated by the client will be charged at the end of the session. Although, the therapist will try to look for free parking there are situations where they cannot find available spaces and are forced to pay for parking.

Our Massage Rx team members will always stay in communication with you if they have difficulties for any reason. Although we do not anticipate any difficulties there are certain things that are out of our control but the best thing that we can do is have communication between Massage Rx and the client.

When booking our Massage Rx representative will ask you for a couple of details needed to book your appointment. These are the following questions:

  • First name and Last name
  • Best phone number to contact
  • Email
  • Home Address¬†
  • Parking instructions¬†
  • Credit Card information

If you do decide that you want to pay in cash we would still need your credit card on file. We will just place your credit card information on hold and then once you pay for your session then we can delete your credit card information. You might ask yourself why they need my credit card information. The reason being is that in case there is a last-minute cancellation our therapist will still be compensated for their travel. If you would like to know more information about booking please give us a call at 626-768-3969.

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