In Home Massage Therapy in Los Feliz

Doing self-care is the best thing that you can do. In home massage therapy Los Feliz will help you get the best self-care possible. When you get a massage by Massage Rx will ensure that you get the best self-care possible. Massage RX does not only provide medical massage we also provide relaxation massages upon request. These relaxation massages are usually done to reduce tension and stress that the client might have from there day to day lives. When you have day to day stresses your body tends to tense up from all that build up stress. Once there is too much stress build up it starts to affect your body physically.

Our In home massage therapy team located in Los Feliz and Eagle Rock believes that maintaining your body in top shape is the best thing that you can do for yourself not only physically but mentally as well. Massage has been known to reduce stress and anxiety and we all know that most Americans suffer from stress and anxiety. What if we told you that you can reduce the amount of anxiety that you feel in your everyday life just by getting a massage. Yes! We can help you with that. 

A therapeutic massage increases localized blood flow. Within the blood flow are positive hormones endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. These positive hormones give a sense of well-being, increase relaxation and reduce stress. Increased tissue elasticity reduces tension and prevents muscular knots from forming which can be very painful and uncomfortable so this type of massage helps in the reduction in tension and prevention of muscular knots and also reduces stress.

There are many different benefits of getting a massage from reducing pain to reducing stress. Of course, we will never promise that all of this can be reached by only having one session. Usually, people who are suffering from pain and/or anxiety/stress will sign up with our membership because they realize the benefit that they will have from getting at least a monthly massage. We do have our occasional members who will not just come in once a month but they will come in at least once every week. If you are worried about pricing no worries you will still be locked into our member rate. Even when you bring in your family member or significant other they will receive a membership rate for their first massage.

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