In Home Massage Therapy in Culver City

either. All the sitting that you do just from being in traffic can leave you feeling tight in your hips and achy in your lower back. This can be treated by giving our team in home massage therapy, located in Culver City, Marina Del Rey, and Venice, a call. No need to spend extra time driving. No need to spend extra time driving. We will do the driving for you all you have to do is call, book, and wait while you sip a glass of wine. Once we go into your home and set up our therapist will ask you several questions to assess you and what needs to be treated during your massage.

Our therapist has several protocols that they have to follow first one being doing the clients assessment. This is a vital part of the process here the therapist will get to know you a little better as to what you do and what is causing the pain and how it will need to be addressed during the session. Second the therapist will step out of the space so that the client can undress to comfort and go under the massage table sheet. Third the therapist will commence the session during the session the therapist will ask if the pressure applied is okay. If at any point during the sessions you feel like the pressure isn’t what you like please let the therapist know. Communication ensures that one the client feels well and two the therapist is targeting areas with insight.

We get alot of questions from our customers and one of the main questions that they ask is do your therapist bring everything? The answer is yes they bring their massage table, medically clean sheets, and oil or lotion to client’s preference. We also do offer add on like cupping and quanta which will be an additional charge on to your session but it will be worth it. If you have any questions about pricing or what Quanta is, just give us a call 626-768-3969.

We will make sure that the in home service that you receive will be the very best that you have had. With our high standards and the protocols that we have our therapist practice you can ensure that you will get a high quality medical massage. If at any point you would like to see our website you can go onto there you will be able to purchase your and choose your therapist and hope to see you soon.

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