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What We Offer

Whether you need mobile massage in Los Angeles for ongoing maintenance, or pain and musculoskeletal soft tissue injury, we are here to assist you. Each massage therapy program is designed to provide relief to clients and help them live pain free. Our mobile massage therapists are trained in Fascia Work, Deep tissue massage, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF Stretching, and Active Releases.

We also help our clients with Rehabilitative exercises and taping for the programs. You can contact our specialist to know more about in home massage and corporate massage treatments. Massage Rx serves Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Metro area.

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(626) 768-3969

Areas We Serve

Burbank, CA – Studio/Mobile/Corporate
101 W Alameda Ave Burbank, CA 91502 – (818) 581-6069

West Hollywood, CA – Mobile/ Corporate
Los Angeles, CA 90048 – (323) 825-3765

Santa Monica, CA – Mobile/Corporate
Santa Monica, CA 90405 – (424) 351-6398

Pasadena, CA – Mobile Service
Pasadena, CA 91107 – (626) 275-2945

Calabasas, CA – Mobile Service
Calabasas, CA 91302 – (323) 851-1828

Malibu, CA – Mobile Service
Malibu, CA 90265 – (424) 257-5002

Studio City, CA – Mobile Service
Studio City, CA 91604 – (323) 546-0888

Pacific Palisades, CA – Mobile Service
Pacific Palisades, CA 90027 – (323) 417-7557

Beverly Hills, CA – Mobile Service
Beverly Hills, CA 9021 – (626) 768-3969

Massage Rx – Art of Healing Touch

Anyone suffering from pain or musculoskeletal soft tissue injury can get relief with our massage therapy. We have designed various massage programs to assist our clients.

Our massage therapists specialize in sports massage, medical massage, deep tissue massage, and also offer Fascia Work, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF Stretching, Active Releases, Rehabilitative exercises, and taping for the programs.

If you are too busy to come to our massage parlor in Los Angeles, you can go for in home massage, or corporate massage, wherein our mobile massage therapist will visit you at your home, hotel, or office for onsite massage therapy.

Meet Our Therapists

Massage RX

Kelsey (English/日本語)License: CA #67130


Originally from the Seattle area, Kelsey has over 4 years in massage experience to deliver to the Los Angeles area. She specializes …

Massage RX

Max (English)License: CA #47264


Max is a certified massage therapist (CMT) with a background in circulatory, deep tissue, and shiatsu and Myoskeletal alignment.

Massage RX

Jurij (English/Русский)License: CA #61723


Jurij passion is to guide others toward a life of massage therapy in Los Angeles, radiant health and harmonious balance. Jurij has …

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews
Carolyn W.Carolyn W.Los Altos, CA
I had a regular massage guy who I used to go to, but he ended up moving up to San Francisco, so I've gone without a massage for almost a year. I came into Massage Rx with lower back pain and tight shoulders. After my session, the lower back pain has been significantly reduced, to the point where I really don't notice it!
Mel D.Mel D.Glendale, Los Angeles, CA
I have been training hard for the last 6 months. My body was extremely fatigued and I needed a professional massage. I checked through Yelp and found Jay through Massage RX. His rate and reviews are far better than anyone here on Yelp.
Jeff W.Jeff W.Los Angeles, CA
I have been suffering from a lot of back pain and a pain that ran from my back through my butt into my leg. It was awful. I could barely get out of my car or tie my shoes. One session with Jay and I feel great. He was telling me about issues that I had before I even told him what they were. This guy is legit! Thanks so much Jay!