The Health and Recovery blog comes packed with humor, tips from trained professionals, insight, and of course a healing touch! Come join myself, Joel T Navarro and the Massage Rx Community as we blog every Thursday about living a life with less pain, stress, and more rapid recovery.

Health and Recovery will showcase a variety of massage techniques, share information about common injuries affecting the body, and present personal accounts of how massage therapy can benefit your life.

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We will be covering some technical aspects of massage therapy as we want you to understand not only that your health will improve, but how that improvement is achieved. However, I would like to mention that I am not a massage therapist and this blog will be from the client’s point of view. The experienced and professional hands of the Massage Rx network will guide us as we take our journey together into this amazing world of health, recovery, strength, and performance.

We service the greater Los Angeles area through our studio in Burbank, CA, and by offering a convenient mobile massage option which brings all the benefits of therapeutic body work right to your doorstep. They are a team of licensed and certified therapists trained in a variety of techniques that assess your individual needs, and customize the perfect massage experience for your wellness goals.
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Health and Recovery is for you if:

  • You want to know more about massage therapy techniques and their benefits.
  • You would like to know tips and tricks to keep your body performing at its best.
  • You are looking for ways to speed up recovery from training.
  • You are interested in learning new ways to approach pain/stress management.
  • You want to know more about the amazing people that seem to have magical healing hands.

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