Corporate Membership

Our Corporate Membership was designed to offer the best service to those companies ready to make a committed investment in their employees’ health and wellness!

Studies have shown that companies who positively invest in their team see a consistent improvement in productivity which leads to an increase in profitability.

When your team feels appreciated they work harder with a deeper sense of company loyalty. By incorporating in office massage therapy your team will not only feel appreciated they will be rejuvenated. As stress levels are lowered cognitive function allowing your team to get their daily workload done smarter with greater efficiency.

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What is Included with Your Membership?

Corporate Membership Packages and Pricing


$ 297
  • 3 Hour Service
  • Accommodates 5-12 people


$ 594
  • 6 Hour Service
  • Accommodates 13-24 people


$ 990
  • 10 Hour Service
  • Accommodates 25-30 people

We offer convenient Monthly, Biweekly, and Annual plans with upfront payment options
to accommodate all health and financial needs of your company.

**Please note: Prices reflect the service of 1 Massage Therapist.
For additional therapists please inquire about supplementing rates.

Healthy Benefits of Membership

Becoming a Corporate Member is the best way to help your team achieve their health and productivity goals.
Through MAT stretching, postural correction, and custom therapeutic massage therapy we will help you build a wellness program
tailored to your company’s needs.

Learn More about the personal and employer health benefits of Corporate Massage!

It is time to take steps to invest in the health of your team.
See the amazing results that are possible by signing up for a Corporate Membership today!

You can also visit our Burbank Studio, or call us at (626) 768-3969 for more information
about your new Massage Rx Corporate Membership

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