Corporate Massage Therapy in West Hollywood

If you have staff that are not performing as they should and you see that a lot of your staff is taking time off due to being sick or just health issues in general then you should consider contracting corporate massage therapy at our locations including West Hollywood and East Hollywood. Our team will make sure that your staff is well taken care of and that they are re-energized to continue to work more efficiently with a positive attitude.

Here are some of the reasons why you would want for your staff to get in office massages.

  1. Massage reduces body pain and lessens bad postural issues brought by sitting for long periods of time.
  2.  Massage helps out the body’s immune system
  3. Massage helps alleviate stress
  4. Massage helps manage headaches and increase the body’s blood circulation
  5. Most importantly it increases productivity

Although not all of these reasons are office related many of them are office related which will be very beneficial to your staff. Office massages is always something that your staff will be very appreciative of and the effects from this will be long lasting. Happy employees make great company culture and bring more positive vibes.

Many office managers and company CEOs are opting to get in office massages for their staff because they see this being more beneficial than buying their staff pizza and making them sluggish. Massages may seem like a luxury thing but in fact it is something that in the long run will outlast your monthly lunch ins. You will have less people wanting to quit, you will have a more positive environment within your company, and your staff’s productivity will increase.

Many workplaces are high stress environments and setting up an in office massage event shouldn’t have to be. Upon calling us we will help you organize your event and have it be stress free. We will make sure that everything you need is brought to your event. Also if you do not have the space to hold a massage table no worries we can bring massage chairs! The many companies that we have been to before dont have much space for massage tables so we will accommodate with massage chairs. There is an important thing to note and that is with a massage chair you will only be able to get upper body work done but you will still get the long lasting effects so no matter what you have room for we will make sure its the best.

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