Corporate Massage Therapy in South Pasadena

Most people seek a good massage session either for health or wellness. There are also several researches and studies with scientific evidence on the benefits of massage. If you are planning to add it to your corporate wellness program, you might be perplexed about its effects on your employees and business.

A corporate massage helps contain workplace strains and injuries due to sitting at the desk all day. It also includes a trigger point and deep tissue therapy for a complete relaxation. With persistent stress and repetitive injuries being the common reasons for absenteeism, an on-site massage has become a universal solution and practice for small and big businesses.

Each employee is scheduled and will experience a mixture of stretching, deep tissue, and tapping techniques. This massage is easy to conduct in any part of your workplace. No cream or oil is applied and you remain dressed in the entire session. Normally the target muscles are in the hands, arms, shoulders, back, and neck, the areas where tensions build up.

This massage service is comfortable, accessible, and simple to arrange for monthly wellness events, trade-shows, employee recognition days, charity events, birthdays, and other corporate events. or even as an incentive after completing an important project.

Its benefits are remarkable for both employers and employees. These benefits translate into the following rewarding results:

  • invites competent professionals to work for the company;
  • boosts work productivity of the team; 
  • ensures employee retention; 
  • minimizes health care costs for the employers;
  • increase employee’s morale and engagement; and
  • reduces employee’s compensation and sick claims.

While the massage therapists are licensed and trained to address the needs and requests with long experience in modern massage techniques. They are equipped with multiple massage modalities from remedial to pressure point trigger similar to lower back pain therapy. Our therapists are truly dedicated to improving the overall well-being and health of every working individual.

Incorporating a wellness program that fits your needs and budget, we can offer massage therapies to suit your workplace, employees, and schedule providing accessible and therapeutic sessions everyone can enjoy. The sessions also aim to build rapport and relationship with relaxing and comfortable environments ensuring the best experience possible.

With the health of staff being essential to a successful and efficient business, now’s the perfect time to explore corporate massage and well-being options.

For more information, you can contact Corporate Massage Therapy South Pasadena and find the best program for your staff. Plan and deliver the wellness program that will bring the best outcomes to your workplace.

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