Corporate Massage Therapy in Pasadena

When your staff’s performance is low and you see that company culture isn’t doing well the best thing to do is to plan for an in-office massage event. Massage Rx is the company you want to call when you want to reward your staff with a massage. You can call one of our two locations corporate massage therapy in Pasadena or Malibu. If you are looking into investing a little bit of money on making your staff happy the best thing that you can do is book for an in-office massage event.

Many companies don’t realize the amount of work and dedication some of their employees put in and for that we think that they should be rewarded. Long hours working hunched over a desk is not an easy task your employees’ backs will start to hurt their shoulders and will start to roll forward. Although you might not think that this will affect your employees it does. It slows down their productivity rate and because of this there will be more calling out due to health reasons.

The worst thing that can happen is for your employee to be unhappy about their workplace. And for the company to suffer over something that can be easily fixed.
Massage Rx will make sure that your staff gets a reset and their productivity increases. Also if your staff would like to have a 1-hour individual session on their time we will give them a discount. Our team wants to make sure that your employees are happy during and after a massage session. We pride ourselves on knowing that every customer that comes through our doors will leave happy.

Our team wants to make sure that everyone who gets serviced by us will have a great experience and will want to continue using our service for the future. Whether that be for another in-office event or individual appointment we are happy to know that we have made a difference in that person’s body that they are wanting to get a massage from us again. Massage Rx will guarantee that your staff will be happy and feel appreciated that you have invested the time and money to make them feel less stressed within the workplace. This also encourages your staff to be more productive and continue to be a loyal employee. Massage Rx encourages you to book an in-office event if you want to upgrade your office and see the many benefits it has to offer.

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