Corporate Massage Therapy in East Hollywood

Want to have a stress free environment at work? Want to feel appreciated for all the hard work that you put in everyday? Well look no further corporate massage therapy East Hollywood is here to help you set up an in office massage event that your staff will appreciate for years to come.

Having in office massages can be very efficient so there are no worries that your staff will be slowed down. The only thing that will slow down is the amount of stress level that is being put on your staff which affects their day to day productivity. When calling in we can assure you that your booking process will be as easy as it can be. We will even send you instructions on how you should organize your event so it can run smoothly and all the time that the therapist will be there can be used efficiently.

Upon calling us there are a couple of things that we will need from you:

  • First and last name of the point of contact
  • Phone number of the point of contact
  • Email
  • Address
  • Parking instructions
  • Credit card information ( we can send out a credit card form if more comfortable)

During conversation we will discuss how you would like for the event to go and such as whether you would like massage chairs or tables. Where you would like to set up. How can your staff know when it’s their turn to get a massage. All of the details of your event will be discussed and once we have agreed then the therapist will be notified so they can know what to expect and what is expected of them when they go to your office. Our team of therapists are trained to give the highest quality of massage there is out there. We pride ourselves in knowing that when our therapist goes out you will be satisfied with your massage and will want to book your next session.

Our therapists have been trained to be the best massage therapist out there and we know the quality of massage that they will provide. We give our therapist the opportunity to have continued education so they can learn new techniques and serve our clients the best that they can. Book with corporate massage therapy located in Los Feliz today and we guarantee that you will not have any regrets. Give us a call or if not you can go to our website massagerxla.com we look forward to seeing you soon.

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