Your office team works tirelessly, day in and day out, to make sure your business thrives. Working long hours at a desk hunched over a computer screen, along with the stress of strict deadlines and the challenge of balancing work and home life, can be overwhelming.

We can all agree that a pizza party is a tasty treat, but corporate massage is an investment in your employees that yields outstanding financial and developmental returns. By incorporating in-office therapeutic services, you are infusing health and wellness into your corporate culture. A healthy, stress-free team feels appreciated, and an appreciated team works harder to get the job done right!

Give the gift of health to your employees — give them a visit from Massage Rx!

Man lying face down on massage chair, getting a back massage from a Massage Rx LA employee

Corporate in-office massage can bring many health and wellness
benefits to your everyday operations!

Employee Appreciation:
Companies with high employee engagement show on average a 16% growth in profitability, because when employees feel appreciated they work smarter.

Increase Employee Productivity:
Organizations who show they care inspire employees to apply more effort to their quality of work. By improving employee alertness, focus, and mental clarity companies see an average increase of 18% productivity.

Advocating Proper Stress Management:
On average, up to 67% of employees report feeling burnt out due to work related stress. Lowering stress levels decreases the chance of injury in the workplace.

Decrease Worker’s Compensation Claims:
Taking steps to treat and prevent repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel will lower the rate of Worker’s Compensation Claims filed.

Encouraging a Healthy lifestyle:
Absenteeism is 27% lower in healthy employees, there is simply less need to call out sick.

Services are Tax Deductible:
Workplace Wellness Programs definitely offer tax savings, and can even cut overall corporate expenses.

Los Angeles Corporate Massage Services

Chair Massage

This service can be provided with minimal space anywhere in your office, allowing for an employee to experience an invigorating traditional massage that will not disrupt the flow of your team’s work day.

The unique design of the chair is highly beneficial for relieving shoulder, neck, and lower back pain, all of which are side effects of prolonged hours working at a desk with poor posture.

Table Massage

Our table option will require a bit more space to set up. By utilizing an empty office or conference room, you can provide a secluded in-office getaway for your team.

The traditional table application allows our therapists to assess any need for knee, ankle, or hamstring pain massage therapy, while incorporating MAT stretching for improved postural correction.

Team Building For Any Occasion
The health benefits of massage therapy go far beyond boosting team morale. Our professional and highly skilled team of therapists will enhance your next business event. Whether you are hosting a charity event, employee appreciation day, or demonstrating to a client your company’s dedication to a healthy workplace and community, we'll have you covered!
Stress-Free Scheduling And Setup
Each highly skilled therapist is professionally licensed and insured as a mobile massage therapist in compliance with all industry and state regulations. They’re specially trained to ensure a rewarding and worry-free experience for you!

You simply request the time, location, and frequency of your sessions, and we’ll take care of the rest! We do our absolute best to cater to your team’s health and wellness needs.

The Best Corporate Massage In Los Angeles
When it comes to corporate team building and health improvement services, Los Angeles has many options, but none offer a corporate wellness program as effective and functional as Massage Rx!
Contact us at  626 768 3969 to let us help you schedule your next Corporate Massage Event today!


Help Your Team Thrive With A Corporate Massage

The modern pace of life greatly affects the wellness of almost everyone on the planet. For those with a career in the corporate world, the need to work long hours in an office setting can often have serious consequences for their health. If one ignores the symptoms for too long, it can lead to issues that can be difficult to reverse. Chronic headaches, joint pain, muscle deterioration, and a lowered immune system are only the tip of the iceberg.

As a business owner or manager, you may feel like the only option is to just give in and let the day-to-day effects of office life take their toll on your employees’ health and productivity. There is something you can do to mitigate and even reverse potential damage, however: order a corporate massage session for your team and watch them change for the better!

Why Therapeutic Massage?

Since ancient times, therapeutic massage has been considered to be one of the most effective methods of healing. It has a mild stimulating effect on skin and muscles, normalizes the function of systems and organs, contributes to the enrichment of tissues with oxygen, accelerates the flow of blood and lymph, and also improves the efficiency of the nervous system. In addition, a massage

Just a few procedures and you will feel a surge in strength, energy, good mood, and overall well-being. Therapeutic massage can significantly improve the musculoskeletal system, relieve pain in the joints and muscles, and improve the tone of the whole body.

Working in an office every day of your life can contribute to the deterioration of your body. Don’t ignore the warning signs!

Massage RX Can Help Your Company

The massage therapists at Massage Rx have had years of experience in creating and refining a wellness program that offers amazing results for our patients. In addition, they also adhere to a strict work standard in order to ensure consistency and efficiency within our corporate program. When you hire one of our trained mobile massage therapists, you’re getting the best.

Don’t waste time — order an in-office massage for your team and improve the health and productivity of each and every one of your employees.