Chronic Pain Relief / Rehabilitation

Clients suffering from chronic pain, dysfunction, and recovering from injury will all benefit from this long-term solution of a pain relief massage. Our massage therapist will work with the client over a series of sessions to address recurring issues not resolved by other treatments. The focus is on restoring function, creating balance in the body, and alleviating pain. Assessment, nerve testing, and myoskeletal alignment techniques are applied during your next pain relief massage along with a comprehensive plan of treatments after.

Benefits of massage:
Chronic pain relief
Posture correction/ alignment
Corrective muscle atrophy and weakness
Balanced body
Release trapped nerves
Venous and lymphatic flow
Increased flexibility in muscle tissue
Restore injured tissue

Postural Correction:

Pain can result from poor or weak posture. If posture is corrected, you will experience pain relief. If uncorrected, problems may get worse over time. MAT is a great way to bring awareness to your posture in your daily life in order to make the changes needed for pain relief to begin. MAT is also beneficial for clients with unhealthy postures as it aids in correcting muscle atrophy and weakness. Lastly, MAT can help people dealing with neck and back pain due to any trauma or postural problems.

Sports Injuries:

Whether you play sports recreationally or professionally, your joints and ligaments are susceptible to injury, especially without a proper warm up. MAT can help your posture and movement to reduce the possibility of injury or overuse.
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Chronic pain relief

Chronic pain relief

Poor posture creates conditions for diseases not only of the spine, but also of the internal organs. As a result – deterioration of blood circulation and nutrition of the entire spine, so it leads to and disc herniation. It is important that the violation of posture reduces the body’s safety margin: the heart beats in the close chest, sunken chest and shoulders turned forward do not allow the lungs to be straightened, and the protruding belly disturbs the normal position of the internal organs. Scoliosis (especially in combination with flat-footedness) leads indirectly through impaired spinal depreciation to microtraumas of the brain and increased fatigue, headaches, impaired memory and attention.

The goal of chronic pain relief is to restore the lost function of the limb, to enable the body to fully integrate the entire complex of muscles and joints, to reduce scar adhesions. Poor posture creates a spine for the body. As a result, it is a deterioration of the blood flow, which leads to osteochondrosis and disc herniation. It is important that it is important to ensure that it is not a problem. Scoliosis (especially in combination with flat-footedness) leads to indirectly through headaches, impaired memory and attention.

Chronic Pain Relief Los Angeles. This is a special complex of chest pain massage procedures aimed at activating the blood circulation and lymph flow, facilitating the removal of various waste products from the body, increasing muscle tone, stabilizing muscle functions and activating the functional of spinal neurons. If in simpler language, then restorative pain relief massage helps to normalize the activity of the human body systems, including the nervous, vascular, urogenital, as well as the musculoskeletal system. Serious physical exertion, a recent illness or surgery necessitate helping the body. Accelerate regeneration, improve immunity, restore the functions of individual organs, and all of this is capable of correct and timely regenerative massage.

Hamstring pain massage

Hamstring pain massageUsually such rehab massage is prescribed by a doctor. Most often, such advice can be obtained from a surgeon, a neuropathologist, an orthopedic surgeon, or a cardiologist, as a result of a person having various diseases and problems. More specifically, it should be carried out with ODA injuries, after a stroke, with pinched nerves and hernias, as well as the consequences of heavy physical exertion. At the same time, a restorative hamstring pain massage can be considered as a good alternative to the prevention of injuries and diseases! After all, pain relief massage Los Angeles helps to remove toxins from the body, strengthen the immune system, and strengthen muscle tone.

As already mentioned, restorative hips pain massage can be useful not only in the presence of diseases, but also as a preventive measure, as well as, as is fully consistent with its name, the moment of recovery of the body after excessive exercise. That is, even absolutely healthy people, but engaged in physical activity, which exceeds the average intensity and intensity, should also be resorted to. In this situation, a special combination of classic restorative and sports migraine massage is used.

This procedure helps to remove muscle spasms, eliminate pain and hypertrophy, and get rid of accumulated fatigue and even burning, as a result of accumulation in the fibers of lactic acid. At the same time, it is possible to resort to the services of a massage therapist before the upcoming hard training, competitions, just a busy day. After all, a correctly performed session guarantees an increase in the efficiency of the body and adds stamina.