Ankle Pain Therapy in Los Feliz

Our ligaments on the lateral or external part of the ankle are more frequently injured than the ligaments in between or the external part of the ankle. The level of injury will be identified by the amount of lost time from activity, and the treatment and rehabilitation program. While the severity of injury varies greatly, some general treatment and rehabilitation recommendations are best for your ankle sprain.

Immediately after the injury, ice is typically applied to the ankle and the leg is then elevated above the level of the heart for around 20 minutes. After the cold compress, an elastic bandage is applied to the ankle for the compression to reduce swelling in your ankle. The combination of rest, ice, compression, and elevation should be done for a minimum of 48 hours.

  • Rest. Enough rest decreases modify or eliminate heavy and other painful movements
  • Ice. Ice applications for 20 minutes several times a day
  • Compression. Wrap the sprained ankle with an elastic bandage
  • Elevation: It is hard for the leg veins to reduce swelling from the foot and ankle, thus, elevate your limb higher than the level of the heart.

Physical Therapy for Ankle Pain

The rehabilitation or treatment program for ankle sprains consists of rebuilding your range of motion, strengthening muscles around the ankle joint, and coordination and balance training. Strengthening exercises such as calf compress, toe lifting, and making use of rubber tubing or a towel to endure side-by-side ankle movements should be done. The balance exercises should not be disregarded. Some exercises such as tilt board, single-legged standing, and jumping rope can also enhance coordination and balance after an injury. Thus, a consultation with a professional physical therapist is necessary in order to design the right treatment plan for ankle pain.

Your rehabilitation program will typically include a combination of personalized hands-on therapy techniques, exercises, and stretching, in order to improve joint mobility, enhance balance, and strengthen ankle muscles. The rehabilitation program may also require exercises on a balance board, together with the other specialized therapies. The physical therapists will do all the can to ease your pain in no time and improve your blood circulation. The physical therapists will also do an evaluation and advise lifestyle change or footwear to prevent more problems in the future.

Ankle sprain prevention involves the application of ankle braces or ankle taping. A regular treatment session for the lower leg stretching and strengthening, together with agility drills, will also help reduce the risk of ankle sprains.

Don’t let a pain in your ankle bring you to your knees. Ankle Pain Therapy Los Feliz will help you manage your own treatment, recovery, and overall wellness, free from the agony of pain. Contact our health practitioner today to schedule your consultation or therapy. Rehabilitation programs are also available in Ankle Pain Therapy Eagle Rock.

Then the therapist will continue with the tailored massage while using their specific technique to alleviate any type of discomfort or pain that you presented. During your massage we apply the pressure we think necessary for what you are presenting. If at any time during the massage you feel discomfort please let the therapist know so they can adjust the pressure. Our goal is to have you leave with the best massage that you have ever had while alleviating the pain and discomfort that you have. You should never leave a massage facility feeling sore or in more pain than you came in with. If you are slightly sore that will be from a deep tissue or from addressing a specific body area that does need work. Book with us so we can get you on the road to recovery without having to take medication or go pay an expensive medical bill.

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