11 Tips to Get the Best Massage Ever

Our modern life is full of important decisions, permanent challenges, responsibility, and worrying. Of course, all of this is accompanied by the stress, nerves, and tense anxiety. Because of this crazy rush each of us wants to take a pause and get rid of the physical and psychological stress with the session of relaxing massage. But how to enjoy it maximally and get the maximal benefit to the health? We have prepared 11 tips for our readers that will help each of you to get the best massage ever. Ready to start?

Tip #1: Stretching.

First of all, we recommend you to stretch a bit prior to going to the massage parlor. This will help you to relax, get rid of psychological tension, and both physically and psychologically prepare for the procedure. The stretching will also help your therapist to locate problem areas (if any) and to choose the most suitable massage technique.

Tip #2: Preparing to disrobe.

It is obvious that the therapist will need to get to your skin to do the massage. You will save time if undress in advance. You can leave the underwear. Do this alone in the room and when you will be fully prepared, laying on the massage table under the sheet, you can call your therapist. As a rule, he will be waiting in the next room.

Tip #3: Notify the therapist about your pain.

In case if you have a pain in your back or any other part of the body you have to immediately notify your masseuse about this. He will be able to choose the necessary type of massage for your particular case. For example, in case of back pain, specialists recommend hand massage instead of the traditional one in order not to worsen the situation and maximally eliminate the pain.

Tip #4:

Talk to your therapist. We understand that while massaging talking is definitely not the thing you want to do but believe us, it is important. You don’t have to tell the story of your life to the masseuse but we recommend to say which techniques do you like or nor and which of the therapist’s massage movements are the most pleasant to you. It will help you not only to enjoy the massage but to get the maximal benefits of it.

Tip #5: Don’t be late.

Even if not take into account the etiquette side of this question (although it is also extremely important), being late on the massage session has its own disadvantages. In most cases, if you are late, you barge into the massage salon in a furious state, fully sweat, with the greatly increased level of stress and corresponding mood. None of these factors contributes the good massage as the therapist need to calm you down, maximally relax your body, and only after this start the procedure itself. It takes additional time reducing the priceless time of the massage. Try to manage your time and come a bit early or at least, on time.

Tip #6: Don’t think you know better what you need.

People are strange creatures. We think that no one except us knows better what we need. But believe us, knows. If in your case doctor strictly prohibited you from getting a massage, don’t do this. A lot of people think that this procedure will help them get rid of the pain by soothing their muscles. Yes, it will, but only if it can be used in your particular case. Always contact the doctor prior to visiting the massage parlor if you have any health problems.

Tip #7: Consider non-human massage.

When hearing about the massage, we all think about the human massage. Nevertheless, nowadays you can find many pools with the special jets that also can massage your body. As well as the traditional human massage, this type also can relieve the pain and help to get rid of physical and psychological tension.

Tip #8: Shiatsu massage? Why not!

This type of the massage is widely used for maximally fast relief of the tired muscles. The masseuse gently applies firm pressure into the parts of your body that should be soothed and after this quickly release it. The effect of this massage is unique and noticeable almost immediately- you feel absolutely refreshed. Professional massage technologists claim that this technique is a good choice both for sportsmen preparing for competitions and for people who are just tired after the nervous working day.

Tip #9: Use oil.

Specialists recommend using oil for massaging in order to reduce the friction. You can use baby oil as well as any other type, such as sunflower or apricot seeds oil. Each of them will provide you with the desired result and, in addition to this, improve skin condition. For the maximal effect, we recommend you to warm the oil in your hands. It will make the process more pleasant and sooth your body more quickly.

Tip #10: Soak in the bath.

It sounds like the best tip from us but besides the undeniable pleasure, the bath with the Epsom salt is recommended for releasing the toxins and to relieve the sore spots occurring after the massage session. After the deep tissue massage, fill the bath with warm water and add the salt in it. Soak in it for up to one hour to get the maximally effective result.

Tip #11: Privacy above all.

If you decided to get the mobile massage in Beverly Hills, you should think about privacy. It is extremely important to turn off all the gadgets and maximally disconnect from the outward things. Create the unique atmosphere where will be only you and the feelings you get. If you are going to get the procedure at home, make sure that other people will not disturb you and distract from the session. The right atmosphere is one of the most important components of any type of massage. Only being completely relaxed and distracted from the world you will be able to get the full pleasure of the procedure.

We have reached the end of our tips on how to get the best massage ever and hope you have found useful information here. Good massage done by the professional therapist will relieve muscle tension, help you to get rid of the stress and be active and refreshed. The good massage is the one you want to repeat again and again. If you want to get the best from this procedure, visit our salon and enjoy every minute of the top notch massage.

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